Northwest Pro4 Alliance
Last updated: 6/27/2015
Northwest Pro4 Alliance
Northwest Pro4 Alliance recently became an inaugural member of NASCAR legend, Humpy Wheeler’s, biggest idea ever:  Amass 1,000+ grassroots racetracks in the U.S. and Canada into a marketing alliance which collectively, has greater attendance than the NFL, NHL, NBA and NASCAR – combined.
BOISE, ID (20 DEC 13) – The Northwest Pro4 Alliance is proud to announce it has become a member of Speedway Benefits, an alliance of, currently, more than 300 grassroots racetracks and sanctioning bodies across North America. 

Speedway Benefits offers member tracks the ability to pool resources, secure large brand sponsorships and leverage buying power.  Member tracks can also take advantage of complimentary consulting with Humpy Wheeler and other elite experts in the industry, allowing track owners and promoters access to unprecedented insight and advice to help their profitability and customer service.

“Speedway Benefits is by far a great idea, and many of us have talked about how to do it.  But now to see Humpy Wheeler step up and take the reigns successfully, is as simple as tracks and sanctioning bodies like us signing on the dotted line," said Bob Coply Marketing Director, Northwest Pro4 Alliance.

Speedway Benefits aligns grassroots motorsports’ 24,000 events, 30,000 employees and 600,000 competitors across multiple series and sanctions.  These racetracks host 50 million fans annually representing over $1 trillion in consumer spending equal to 6.5% of the U.S. GDP.  This demographic is highly attractive to national and global brands, some of which have already approached Speedway Benefits for vendor and sponsorship partnerships.  By taking advantage of this scale, the Northwest Pro4 Alliance, will be able to pass along savings and sponsorship dollars to their bottom line and provide a better experience for their fans at the track level.  

"After spending the last 50 years running short tracks, big ones and everything in between, my son Trip and I saw a tremendous opportunity to help the smaller tracks of the U.S. and Canada. Our goal is to bring major advertising dollars to them by pooling them together and then use those amassed numbers to buy the staples they all need. Now we can go to a major manufacturer and say we want to buy 250,000 gallons of paint instead of 250. When you put all those short tracks together, you have a force more powerful than the NFL.  The reason no one has done this before is that it takes a tremendous amount of investment to start this up, but we believe it will pay off for everybody in the end,” said Humpy Wheeler.

As the 2014 racing season for the Northwest Pro4 Alliance ramps up with a scheduled start date of May 24, 2014, the timing is perfect for grassroots racetracks to unite and deliver fans a memorable experience that will keep them coming back year after year, especially for the younger generation of fans and competitors.  

For more information about the Northwest Pro4 Alliance, visit:

For more information about Speedway Benefits, please visit, Facebook, Twitter (@SPDWYBenefits), LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+, or email
The Northwest Pro4 Alliance is a Four Cylinder Late Model Series that competes at tracks in Washington, Oregon and Idaho with fields reaching 30 cars. The best four cylinder stock car drivers in the west compete with the Northwest Pro4 Alliance because of the close competition, the association with top name sponsors and a professional staff. The Northwest Pro4 Alliance is the top run in the ladder when it comes to four cylinder motorsports.

Speedway Benefits is a marketing alliance consolidating the sponsorship negotiating rights and group buying power of the over 1,000 grassroots racetracks throughout the United States and Canada. The consolidated group represents approximately 50 million consumers and over $1 trillion in consumer spending. When consolidated, Speedway Benefits is the second largest sports property in the United States in attendance. Speedway Benefits also provides its member tracks consulting services. Located in Charlotte, NC, the company employs seven and is expected to grow to 50 full-time employees.
You should always have your 2015 schedule close at hand... ... ...

Just a Reminder to all Pro4 teams

Muffler, Muffler, Muffler, The Northwest Pro4 Alliance has a Muffler Rule, please look at it, adapt to it and Live with it. Some track do not have a muffler rule but most do so if you want to bonce back and forth, still be prepared to meet the 90dba at 100 feet as stated in the rules. The Alliance will buy a DB meter and be checking at every available opportunity. Thanks for your cooperation. And remember for all your muffler needs call Dan at Extreme Muffler like Alex Peck did.
2015 Northwest Pro4 Allaince Race Schedule
Sat. May 23rd
Magic Valley Speedway
- Twin Falls, ID

Sun. May 24th
Meridian Speedway
– Meridian, ID
Sat. Sept. 19th
Championship Night
Ephrata Raceway Park
– Ephrata, WA
Sat. June 27th
Evergreen Speedway
Summer Showdown
– Monroe, WA
Sat. July 18th
Hermiston Super Oval
– Hermiston, OR
Sat. August 8th
Wenatchee Valley Super Oval
– Wentachee, WA
Esslinger Engineering has join in with the Northwest Pro4 Alliance in an effort to help Ford powered teams move to the next level of competition by offering them the opportunity to win a new SVO Aluminum cylinder head with a roller camshaft.
The team that is registered with Esslinger Eng. and finishes the highest in points will be award the prize!
To be eligible you must currently run a cast iron cylinder head and pre-register with Brian at Esslinger Eng. and once you have done this Brian will send you a special decal to run on your car signifying you are eligible for the award.
The good news does not stop there as Brian will also provide $100 gift certificate towards labor to the car owner of the driver that passes the most cars in each of the 4 heats. (Both nights) And one more $100 gift certificate towards labor to the “Hard luck” driver.
To be eligible you will need to preregister with Brian via and he will send you the decals they require you to run.
I want to thank Brian and the entire staff at Esslinger Engineering for their support in the season long SVO cylinder head award and the major support of the Project Filter 150 weekend. Their help has made this event even bigger.
Rookie of the Year
1. #77x Ryan Bailey36
2. #88 Jonathan Hull      33
3. #71 Josh Jones         29
4. #56 Jeff Gardner        21
#16 Rick Thompson takes
     a big win in the
  Summer Showdown 40
  at Evergreen Speedway!

The unoffical finishing order

2nd - #11 Bud Rumsey
3rd - #77 John Grosvenor
4th - #29 Max Schroeder
5th - #59 Alex Peck
6th - #18 Scott Raver
7th - #77x Ryan Bailey
8th - #11x Jerry Hand

Main event is Rolling! Summer Showdown 40 is about to go green!!!

Green Flag! #29 Max Schoeder takes the lead, 2 laps in, its still the 29 in front.

#13 Joe Bowers takes the lead, #26 Brook Schimmel is smoking, pulls it to the pits.

Lap 5, yellow waves for a wreck on the front stretch, #03 Steve Thompson and #53 Tom Pinkowski, the #33 of Ken Chandler is also involved.

Under the red flag. The leaders are #13 Joe Bowers, #29 Max Schoeder, #77 John Grosvenor and #16 Rick Thompson.

Ken Chandlers crew removed the damaged rear bumper cover off the #33 and he is back out, the #53 of Tom Pinkowski returned to the track after some time in the pits. Steve Thompson appears to be the only causalty, takem to the pits on the wrecker with heavy damage to the rear of the #03.

Cars are rolling.... Green flag!

#13 Joe Bowers maintains the lead and #16 Rick Thompson pulls into the second position at the green. Max holds 3rd in the #29 and behind them #77, #11 and #58 are all bunched up for 4th.

#11 Bud Rumsey takes the spot as the yellow waves for debris on lap 9.
#13, #16, #29, #11, #77, #58, #9, #19, #77x, #60, #22, #33, #53, #18, #3 and #11x... One lap to green.

Green flag, Thompson puts the #16 in the lead and #11 Bud Rumsey is trying to go with him.

#11 takes 2nd, #13 3rd, #29 4th, #77 5th... 15 laps in.

Middle part of the race, everyone has lined up single file, working lap 20

Lap 20 #53 Tom Pinkowski spins it turn 4. Red flag. The board shows #16 Rick Thompson, #11 Bud Rumsey, #13 Joe Bowers, #29 Max Schroeder and #77 John Grosvenor.

Rolled back to lap 19. Cars are rolling, #60 Charles McDonald goes to the pits. The rest of the line 6th - #9, 7th - #59, 8th - #19, 9th - 77x, 10th - #18, 11th - #33, 12th - #22, 13th - 11x

Green flag, no change to the running order, #16 leads the field.

#9 Bill McAdams slows... no yellow, he is still on the track but is dropping towards the rear of the field.

#77 John Grosvernor is challenging the #29 of Max Schroeder for the 4th spot

Yellow lap 26! the 3rd place car, #13 Joe Bowers is in the back stretch wall.

Green flag, Lap 27

Lap 30, #16 leads, #11, #29, #77 and #19

Yellow, #11x Jerry Hand spins on the backstretch. Ken Chandler had slowed the lap before the yellow waved and takes the #33 to the pits.

Green waves!

Top 3 remain the same, the battle is for 4th between #77, #19 and #59.

Yellow, #3 Rob Dees stalls

Green waves again.

The battle for 4th heats up again, #19 Kayla Pittman gets the spot and Alex Peck in the #59 tries to follower her past the #77 of Grosvenor.

#77 holds on to 5th as #19 works on #29 Max Schroeder for 3rd.

#19 Kayla Pittman, running 4th breaks! #77 Grosverner slows to not make contact and almost spins them both. Caution lap 37.

The lineup is #16 Rick Thompson, #11 Bud Rumsey, #29 Max Schroeder, #77 John Grosvenor, #59 Alex Peck, #18 Scott Raver, #77x Ryan Bailey and #11x Jerry Hand.

Green flag, three laps to go!

Try that one again, they didnt like the start. Green flag, take two!

#77 John Grosvenor gets past #29 Max Schroeder for 3rd

White flag

Checkers! #16 Rick Thompson takes it. Followed to the line but #11 Bud Rumsey comes across second followed by John Grosvenor driving Terry Rennicks #77.

Steve Thompson sets fast time with his quick 23.340 second lap! Complete results or in the photo gallary to the right!

Qualifying is taking place now, we will get you all the times and results at once. We can tell you that #65 Eric Kaas appears to have hurt his engine and did not get a lap in.

#60 Charles McDonald broke and engine and will be racing tonight in a Thompson Racing backup car. Alex Peck had to replace a failed starter, the #59 will be able to race tonight.

First practice results are pictures in the photo gallary to the right of this article. #16 Rick Thompson was also quickest in the 2nd practice. #03 Steve Thompson moved to 2nd quick, bumping #53 Tom Pinkowski to 3rd. #11 Bud Rumsey and #77 John Grosvenor round out the fast 5!

20 cars are on hand at Evergreen Speedway for the Summer Showdown 40! Practice is schedules to begin at 11:30. Stay tuned!

As news comes in you can follow along right here. Its a big day in Monroe, Washington, heaven for anyone who loves late model racing! It does not matter if it is the 4- or 8-cylindar version. The Pro4 Alliance 40 lap feature will be followed by 200 laps of the Super Late Models. This is a big day for everyone involved! If anyone would like to contribute with pictures or good luck wishes they can be emailed to or texted to 707-350-5073!